Chris Green

Chris Green plays guitar and several other fretted instruments such mandocello, cittern and lute. As one half of English folk duo GreenMatthews, he has played countless venues throughout the UK. Although his playing encompasses a wide variety of musical styles, Chris has a real passion for 17th and 18th century English dance music and in 2013 published The Musick Meeting, a collection of tunes from the British Library – several of which had been unpublished for over two hundred years.

Chris also writes and composes. His two most recent projects have been a folk version of Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol and a touring adaptation of The Canterbury Tales. He has also written the successful touring shows “A Brief History of Music” and “A Medieval Christmas“.

His most recent appearance on the small screen was as a musician playing baroque guitar and spinet in the BBC’s recent adaptation of Poldark. And yes – it was his own hair. Not a wig.